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Take a major step in reclaiming or achieving vibrant health WITHOUT the use of artificial drugs.

AUUM Omega 3 Sublingual-D

Bottle of Auum Omega 3This is truly an incredible breakthrough in bioscience.  Auum’s product provides EPA, DHA and DPA as a whole food product with sublingual delivery, ensuring maximum absorption of Omega 3 – almost bio-identical to nature’s perfect food, human breast milk.

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AUUM Omega 3 for Pets

Auum Pet LogoAUUM PETS is a natural supplement for dogs and cats. This unique supplement created by the leader in human OMEGA 3 formulations has been especially designed for dogs and cats. Not only does it provide the necessary balanced OMEGA 6: OMEGA 3 ratio, but also the vitally important fat soluble Vitamins A, D and E. It is completely free of fish oil and is an important addition to your pet's diet.

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AUUM Omega 3 Capsules

Auum formulations are rich in naCapsules Imagetural Omega 3 and contain ALL the necessary components (DHA, EPA, DPA). These precious formulations are as close as possible to nature’s perfect Omega 3.

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AUUM Skin Science

auum logoThe skin is the largest organ of the body. Cells require a daily turnover of Omega 3 to perform their functions properly. These special formulations work from the "outside" complimenting the actions of Auum Omega 3 supplements that work from the "inside".

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