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A $30.00 fee (including HST) will automatically be charged with your first order.
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Distributors will receive a complimentary bottle of Sublingual D (no substitutions) with the third consecutive MMP shipment after signup.

Payment will be taken upon receipt of this document via your indicated method of Payment.  There are no ON HOLD privileges with this Membership. If shipments are suspended, your Membership will be cancelled. You may submit another application and pay the specified fee to join again.

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Monthly Maintenance Program

The first shipment will be made on the date selected below UNLESS you CHECK "Ship Immediately".  If you check Ship Immediately your MMP will be sent upon receipt by Auum Customer Service and your second shipment will be on the date you selected below. 

Please note there will be the normal MMP charge for each shipment made.

Auum Products

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(if multiple products are chosen, the lowest priced product ordered will receive the 15% discount for maximum cost reduction)
FLAT shipping fee of $9.95 applies to all orders.
HST will be added to all orders


Please specify the quantity of each product you’d like to receive:

Auum Essential D3A  -  100ml Liquid   ($45.00 Retail)

Auum Sublingual D  -  100ml Liquid   ($45.00 Retail)

Auum Omega 3D-Boost  -  120 Capsules x 500mg   ($35.00 Retail)

Auum Pets  -  250ml Liquid   ($35.00 Retail)

All prices are in Canadian Dollars
By selecting the "Agree" checkbox below, you request shipment of the products noted and acknowledge the payment will be executed as per your Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Agreement.